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Stars, Stones and Scholars: The Decipherment of the Megaliths as an Ancient Survey of the Earth by Astronomy

by Andis Kaulins

420 pages; quality trade paperback (softcover); catalogue #03-1722; ISBN 1-4120-1344-5; US$35.99, C$45.99, EUR29.99, £20.99

This survey will surpass its namesake, Gods, Graves and Scholars by Ceram, just as the Stars preceded the Gods and the Stones preceded the Graves.

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About the Book

In a thought-provoking analysis of prehistoric art, astronomy, archaeology and the history of civilization, Stars, Stones and Scholars presents the decipherment of the megaliths (standing stones) by Andis Kaulins, Lecturer at the University of Trier in Germany. Stars, Stones and Scholars shows that ancient megalithic sites are remnants of ancient local, regional and worldwide Neolithic surveys of the Earth by astronomy. Circa 40 photographs, 240 drawings and 80 maps show how megaliths were carved and "sculpted" with figures and cupmarks (holes in the stones) to represent stars and constellations, long before the modern astrological Zodiac was known. Megalithic sites from England (Stonehenge), Wales (Paviland), Scotland (Clava Cairns), Ireland (Newgrange, Knowth), Germany (Externsteine), Benelux (Weris), France (Carnac), Italy (La Spezia), Malta (Tarxien), Greece, Turkey (Anatolia), Scandinavia (Tanum), the Baltic, Russia, the Near East, the Far East (China and Japan), Africa, Central and South America (Tikal, Maya, Aztecs), Oceania (Hawaii), The USA (Cahokia, Miami Circle, Clovis) and Canada (Peterborough Petroglyphs) are included in this fascinating book- which , as it is corroborated over time by the research of others- will become a landmark of human literature.

About the Author

Andis Kaulins, born December 3, 1946, Konigstein im Taunus [The King's Stone, Kingston] Germany. BA University of Nebraska 1968; J.D. Stanford University 1971; FFA Lecturer, University of Trier Law School, Germany. For detailed information see

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Catalogue Information

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